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Many people are opening up about their struggles. Read what people are sharing about their mental health journeys here.
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Many mental health professionals are offering their services across Africa. It’s time to get the help you need for a professional near you.
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You can help end the stigma on mental health by taking care of yourself first. Reach out to someone today.
Mental health is wealth
Regardless of your religious, ethnic, political and other affiliations, you can benefit from speaking with a trained mental health professional.
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Don’t wait till you’re struggling significantly. If you need help now, act now. Search for and contact someone today.

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Are you a licensed professional or a registered organization advocating for better mental health? Then Mentalhealthafrica is for you, and the best part is, it is FREE to list. No catch, no hidden fees, no charges in the future. This platform runs solely upon the benevolence and charity of individuals and organizations across Africa.

About Us was born out of the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world in 2020. A married couple, one a psychologist and the other a creative director, were having a conversation about the impact of the pandemic on mental health.
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