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Mental Health Africa thrives on the benevolence of Africans across the continent and beyond. We accept support in various forms to keep our (Africans) site running. If you are able to and are pleased with what you see, we invite you to be a part of this great initiative.

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This site exists solely because awesome people like you, donate what they can to keep it running. Thousands of people have, and continue to benefit from the information provided on this website. The notion of Ubuntu (I am because we are), is the essence of Mental Health Africa. What is you money used for? You kind donation helps cover the cost of domain hosting, website maintenance & security, administrative costs (people are constantly, reviewing, updating and verifying the submitted listings), and social media campaigns.

Spread the Word

Information is power. So spreading the word about mental health information is a way of empowering our brothers and sisters all over Africa and beyond. This also helps reduce the stigma associated with mental. This is why we are using the power of hashtags: #mentalhealthafrica.

With this initiative, we create awareness using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), as well as other forms of available electronic and print media. So you too can be an ambassador for mental health in our continent. All you need to do is follow us, like and repost content from any of our pages. Don’t forget to use include, #mentalhealthafrica in your caption/story. Let’s create a movement.

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