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Delight Wellness Consult (DWC) is a health/wellness consult specialized in rendering psychological/mental health services with enriched standards of pragmatism and Africanism. The consult is made up of licensed professionals who have a passion for helping clients attain optimal wellbeing (or live a meaningful life), achieve their vision for life, and meet the demands of life with resilience and fortitude. At DWC, we believe that the problems we face in life could serve as challenges to a successful future. We therefore pride ourselves in helping clients realize how their challenges in life could be used productively for development in all aspects of life. More often than not, our clients come to realize through psychotherapy, that what appeared to be an end of the road was actually a bend in the curve. While adversities causes most people to melt like wax in the sun, we realistically work with our clients to be hardened like clay in the sun; a process that helps them unleash their potentials in achieving the successes they desire. We strongly believe that the mind is the most powerful tool a person has, as it is the bedrock of all possibilities and impossibilities in a person’s life. As we harness the power of a person’s mind in being proactive, dealing with obstacles, healing in health, and achieving every vision of life, kindly make it a point to pay us a visit. Our services are creatively tailored to meet the demands of all persons, groups and organizations. Our reputation is strongly rooted in psychological/mental health assessment, psychotherapy, educational support services, occupational productivity, family life wellness, research, training, and intervention in diverse areas including health and support for legal aid. While we work with individuals and organizations, we also have a corporate social responsibility of giving back to society through numerous community services. We never stoop low at anything until our good is better, and our better, best. Work with us to build in you the optimal wellness needed to traverse greater heights in life.

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Delight Wellness Consult Center, Basket, Accra, Accra Metropolis, Ghana

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