Category: Awareness

Risk Factors in Mental Health

December 10, 2023
Ever wonder why some people might struggle with certain conditions? Or perhaps you have seen the term “risk factors” in many of our articles on different mental health disorders. When...

5 Activities that Help Cope with Depression

March 20, 2023
One very common symptom of depression is feeling no desire to do much. This is seen especially with regard to things we previously enjoyed doing. The symptom is not about...

Positive African Values for Your Mental Health

June 8, 2022
The state of mental health among Africans in Africa and beyond, is less than ideal. We are gradually learning that there are very unhealthy aspects of African culture, that harm...

You Too Can Be a Mental Health Advocate, Yes you!!!

November 29, 2021
Mental illness is not contagious; you will not “catch it” by getting informed or being kind. You are probably thinking, “how can I be a mental health advocate? Me? Yes,...

Common Parenting Mistakes In An African Home

October 29, 2021
Parenting/guardianship is one of, if not the most important influence in human development. A lot of who we are as adults and what we do, is determined by the impact...

Mental Health in Africa: Influential Factors

August 19, 2021
Many countries in the world struggle with the state of mental health and mental health care. Issues that are of major concern are a lack of awareness, a need for...
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